About Us

ACPEH (RELE POU AYITI), founded in July 2016, is a national and international organization working in the field of education to bring the great gift of education to the most vulnerable children in Haiti. Since July 2016, the organization has developed an effective plan to identify said children in different cities and remote areas of the country.  The goal is to intervene financially before the start of the calendar school year to facilitate access to quality education and healthy nutrition to the same.  The project is called. “SIPÒTE TIMOUN YO POU YON DEMEN MIYÒ”, “Help the kids for a better tomorrow”.

“SIPÒTE TIMOUN YO POU YON DEMEN MIYÒ” is one of the various projects the organization is currently undertaken.  Considering the social standing of these underprivileged children, our goal in this project is to take said children from an early age and provide them with the opportunity to success, to be better citizens in their communities.  Since quality education has no barrier, this project will facilitate these underprivileged children to be able to compete in a national level and, at the same time, meet the demands of their local communities.


It must be noted that the project has already started in one of the Departments of Haiti, l’Artibonite, more precisely in the City of Gonaives.  Despite of our limited financial resources, we started this project with 10 children by providing them with financial resources for the entire 2016 – 2017 school year.

“SIPÒTE TIMOUN YO POU YON DEMEN MIYÒ” is a project for children of different school ages.  It is intended to take the children from primary school all the way to Bachelor’s degree because, we believe well-educated children will usher in a better tomorrow in their communities and support sustainable development in the entire country.


“SIPÒTE TIMOUN YO POU YON DEMEN MIYÒ” is a project in which many children will be helped.  Haiti is one of the least developed countries in the Western Hemisphere.  According to the World Bank, more than 6 million Haitians live under the national poverty line.  That’s more than 60 percent of the population.  This project is intended to reduce the number by providing quality education.  We believe increasing literacy will improve skills development thereby decreasing poverty.


Due to lack of resources, Haiti has not made available all the necessary resources for the underprivileged to success.  However, “SIPÒTE TIMOUN YO POU YON DEMEN MIYÒ” will make a difference in the lives of these children.  In addition to sending them to school, this project provides after school programs along with trade skills whereby the children get assistance with homework, train in various trade skills and, at the same time, receive a hot meal to ease their hunger.  We are able to accomplish this effort due to the generous support of one of the founders who provides his own house for the after school program.

We are confident “SIPÒTE TIMOUN YO POU YON DEMEN MIYÒ” will bring about a significant change in Gonaives; however, we would like to expand the program to other parts of the country.  The main focus at this point is to sustain the project in two different cities in Haiti (Gonaïves and Petit Goâve); however, the main goal is to expand in various areas of the country.


ACPEH (RELE POU AYITI) is determined to help this current generation to have a better future.  We are confident great success awaits them and said success will pass on from generation to generation.  Yes, our goal is great; however, we are confident with God’s help and your generous financial assistance will be able to reach many of the underprivileged children in Haiti and provide them with a brighter future.

Thank you in advance for your generous support!